Kalamata Short Doc - Apr24 Event

Saturday, 13 April 2024

Kalamata Creative Documentary Center
Koutsomitopoulou 6, Kalamata
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creening of the first part of the candidate films for the Kalamata International Short Documentary Festival! Don't miss the chance to see the works of 6 talented filmmakers from 5 different countries, with a total duration of 110 minutes. Free Admission Language: Original with English subtitles

  • Echo

    Director  Ross McClean - Country: United Kingdom

    An operation 10 years ago left Allister with damaged vocal cords and an obstacle to communication. His unusual solution reminds us that community thrives in surprising places.

  • Without Stratos

    Director  NIKOS KATSOS - Country: Greece

    ...a while ago they lived together... now it's different...

  • Buona Sera

    Director  Juste Michailinaite - Country: Lithuania

    The film tells the story of a troupe of travelling performers in southern Europe who go by the playful name of ‘Circo Soluna’. Their houses are brightly coloured horse-drawn wagons that have neither the usual household amenities of modern life, nor an internet connection. Even their ‘kitchen’ is a small pony-drawn wagon that holds their main ...

  • As leaves in the wind

    Director  Sofia Luz - Country: Spain

    "As leaves in the wind" is the story of two transgender women who migrate from their home countries seeking asylum and opportunities in a new continent. Their lives go through structural changes when they meet and take part in a new support network. Made by them for them.

  • Intermission

  • The Remains

    Director  Mehmet Köprü - Country: Turkey

    An old district evacuated for demolition turns into a mysterious place where the sounds of the past echo among the remaining belongings in the quiet hours when the construction machines are not working.

  • I Am Michelle

    Director  Olena Siyatovska - Country: Ukraine

    Michelle, a 20-year-old transgender girl, lives in Kyiv, Ukraine, dreams of becoming a model, and through popularity in social media, she resists the loneliness that takes her over. She returns to her birthplace, a small village in Western Ukraine, to visit her relatives and friends who were the first who accept her identity and changes. Reme...


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